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The Secret To Approaching Social Media Influencers


When it comes to marketing, the importance of perfecting your social media strategy cannot be overstated. But while posting witty GIFs, liking the right tweets, and being that charming combination of casual and informative all play an important role, there’s one pivotal step that can't be overlooked: approaching influencers.

In a nutshell, social media influencers are the people who we all wish we were. These individuals have large, loyal followings. Virtually everything they post is met with a high level of engagement, as their dedicated audience hangs onto their every word.

Today's savvy consumers like to avoid “intrusive” ads at all costs, which makes influencers one of the best avenues to get a product or service in front of more eyes. After all - 90% of consumers trust their peers' recommendations.

So, how can you go about approaching these influencers? Rest easy, because we’ve compiled a short list

Share content on Facebook like a PRO 🏅

Imagine this scenario: You just partnered with a popular influencer to promote one of your products. They created a special post, shared it with their massive network and included a specific page referral link to check out the item.

Everything went exactly as you planned until you realize Facebook scraped an image irrelevant to the post. Ouch! 😨


Don't let this situation happen to you (or again, if it already has) with the help of Open Graph Meta Tags. OG meta tags can be used to control the image, title, caption, etc. of a shared link. Almost every social media network has its own variation of "meta tags" but this post will be dedicated to Facebook's format.


Facebook Tags

Get the right info crawled by including the following tags in your site's headings:

1. og:url - Define one page where shares will direct to. *Note: only domain (not URL) is

New release: The Message Center 📬

We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest feature: The Message Center. Communicating with affiliates is key to a program's success and with Messages, you can now chat in-app with your partners. This current release only allows 1-to-1 messaging but is the first of a series of updates to follow.


To get started, you can access Messages at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard (where Notifications formerly lived). Once you begin a new message, type a rep's name into the recipient field then enter and send a direct message. You can send an update, ask a question or drop a line to touch base and the message will be available on the affiliate's dashboard. As you receive incoming messages, we will also send you an email notification.

From the affiliate's point of view, they will be able to check message alerts from their account and reply to a

Thanks for the #TechDay LOVE


We had an amazing time at NY TechDay last Thursday. The turnout was 30,000 strong (bigger than a sold-out event at Madison Square Garden) and with our booth stationed at the cusp of the Ecommerce and Fintech sections, we rubbed elbows with early startups, tech giants, affiliate marketers and everyone in between. Thanks for being a part of our success by learning more about us, showing our partners some love and donning our Refersion swag.

For those of you that didn't have a chance to catch us there, here are 4 awesome things you missed:

1. Meeting brands that we power

This year we decided to do something a little different by showcasing a few of our valued brand partners at our table. The reception was extremely positive as visitors loved the products! The diverse range also helped to illustrate how our platform can equally support shops servicing party-hard-ravers

This week's release: 8 updated Refersion features

We have a shiny, brand new look to complement the features and updates that we've released over the past few months. Here's more info about the updates you can expect to see:


  1. The new site is much more informative. Explore our How It Works, Features and Pricing pages to get an idea of the benefits our solution provides.

  2. Introducing the Start Guide: Get a running start on program launch with the new 4-step account setup process. Pressed for time today? Come back and pick up right where you left off.

  3. Live demos: Starting in May, we'll be running a weekly demo where you can ask any questions you may have and have a look at our platform prior to signing up with us.

  4. Unlimited affiliates, sales and visits always: The new metered plans that we offer (Startup, Growth, Elite and Custom) are bound to fit your needs whether